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DL8M vertical large capacity refrigerated centrifuge

Application fields: Medical and health, blood center, blood bank, blood station, life science, biochemistry, biological products, drugs, food safety and other fields.

● Application field

Medical and health, blood centers, blood banks, blood stations, life sciences, biochemistry, biological products, drugs, food safety and other fields.


● Product advantages

Super brain, one "core" multi-purpose

9 speed +- speed/can be arbitrarily set up, down speed;

Multiple rotor options;

Super control system meets step centrifugation, scheduled start, sample ID, curve mode and personalized program mode.


Simple operation, easy control

Fool installation, automatic identification of the rotor;

Can remember multiple sets of parameter Settings, microcomputer processor precise control, boot without repeated Settings.


Imported sensing technology, all kinds of parameters accurate “ Take it easy ”

The imported temperature sensor is used to monitor the temperature of the centrifugal chamber in real time, with pre-refrigeration, automatic standby, automatic temperature compensation functions, and double pipe circulation refrigeration mode, with high control accuracy, up to ± 1℃, higher than the national standard;

Life-long maintenance-free variable frequency motor, large torque, fast rise/fall speed, high speed accuracy.


5min super fast cooling without waiting

5min fast refrigeration, when the first industry does not have to wait.


Silent operation, no inductive separation

Anti-sample resuspension brake function, tertiary damping.


Ten years long and durable

The surface of the 7075-T6 system alloy aluminum forging high strength safety rotor with hard oxidation treatment, corrosion resistance, long service life.


Anti-aerosol, anti-high temperature disinfection. Focus on sample safety, more concerned about your safety

Double door cover electronic door lock, gas spring door opening, equipped with emergency lockhole;

Rotor with biosafety cover;

Autoclave at 120℃;

Abnormal state protection function, over temperature, speed, misoperation, unbalanced fault code sound prompt, to ensure the safety of users, samples and machines;

Built-in stainless steel explosion-proof protection inner sleeve, stainless steel centrifugal chamber, multi-layer protection, heavy insurance.


Practice green environmental protection, help the global carbon neutral cause

The imported high-performance compressor unit is used for precise temperature control, and the fluorine-free refrigerant R404a is green and pollution-free.


● Product technical parameters


DL8M (LED display)

Max Speed

8000 r/min


11650× g

Max Capacity

8× 2000mL

Speed Accuracy

± 10r/min

Temperature Range

-20℃ ~ +40℃

Temperature accuracy

± 2℃


30 programs

Timer Range



AC frequency conversion/microcomputer control

Power Supply

380V 50Hz 35A

Compressed units

Imported environmentally friendly refrigerant

Full Power

4 KW / 6.5 KW


≤ 65dB(A)


≤ 70g


940× 890× 1000mm (L× D× H)


● Rotor parameters (customizable)



Maximum speed


Maximum centrifugal force

(× g)

Capacity (mL) Inch (mm)


Angular rotor



6× 500mL

Φ 72× 165


Angular rotor



6× 1000mL

Φ 100× 168


Horizontal rotor (with hood, square cup)



6× 2400mL(square cup)

117× 115× 185


Horizontal rotor (with hood, square cup)



8× 2000mL(square cup)


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