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EOL4000 -- EV gearbox online test system

All EV systems of new energy vehicles must be tested to be qualified for delivery, and manufacturers have an increasing demand for testing. After EV system meets the requirements of delivery, EV system must be tested for delivery. According to the production demand of each pure electric reducer (EV), the time and process of the whole production beat and detection beat, the production line is directly connected with the test. Pure electric speed reducer (EV) must ensure the performance of gearbox and product quality in factory inspection, so it is very important to test and analyze the performance of the speed reducer strictly. According to the NATIONAL standard QC/T 1022-2015 "Technical Conditions of Reduction Gear Assembly for Pure Electric Passenger Vehicles" and referring to other national standards and various assembly testing standards, the test purpose of the pure electric reduction gear (EV) is to determine and test the factory qualification of the pure electric reduction gear (EV).

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