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EOL4000 - Precision reducer (RV/ Harmonic/planet) factory on-line test system

At present, the competition of industrial robots has risen to the level of national industrial strategy, and its key components precision reducer manufacturing factory inspection. In order to ensure the high rigidity and positioning accuracy of industrial robots, RV reducer should have the characteristics of short transmission chain, small physical examination, large power and high accuracy, and high requirements for manufacturing and testing. At present, the precision reducer (RV/ harmonic/planet) manufacturer's production demand, the entire production beat and detection beat time and process, production line production completed direct docking with the test. Precision reducer (RV/ harmonic/planet) must ensure the performance and quality of reducer products in factory detection, so it is particularly important to strictly test and analyze the performance of reducer. The system is based on the GB/T 35089-2018 precision gear transmission test method for robots and the comprehensive performance test of each reducer according to the requirements of other national standards.

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