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DL5A/DL5B/DL5C vertical frozen automatic removal centrifuge

Application fields: medical and health, blood center, blood bank, blood station, life science, biochemistry, biological products and other fields.

● Application field

Medical and health, blood centers, blood banks, blood stations, life sciences, biochemistry, biological products and other fields.


● Product advantages

Vacuum blood vessel automatic hat off, efficient blood collection good helper

Complete centrifugation and removal at one time, high efficiency, anti-pollution;

100mm/75mm two kinds of sampling vessels are applicable.


strong brain, personality separation

Can remember multiple sets of parameter Settings, microcomputer processor precise control, boot without repeated Settings;

9 speed +- speed/can be arbitrarily set up, down speed;

Various rotor and adapter options.


Simple operation, easy control

Automatic door lock, easy to open and close.


Smart touch screen, smart and smooth

LCD touch screen display;

All kinds of parameters are displayed on the same screen, the centrifugal force and speed are switched in real time, and the parameter setting does not need to stop.


Variable frequency motor, precise control of speed

Life-long maintenance-free variable frequency motor, large torque, fast rise/fall speed, high speed accuracy.


Silent operation, no inductive separation

Has soft brake function to prevent sample resuspension, three-level shock absorption.


Concerned about sample safety, more concerned about your safety

Double door cover electronic door lock, automatic lock protection after starting;

Gas spring door, equipped with emergency unlocking device, effective response to power outage and other emergencies;

Abnormal state protection function, over temperature, speed, misoperation, unbalanced fault code sound prompt, to ensure the safety of users, samples and machines;

High quality steel body, built-in stainless steel explosion-proof protection inner sleeve, stainless steel centrifugal chamber, multi-layer protection, heavy insurance.


● Product technical parameters

Type number




Maximum speed

4000 r/min

4000 r/min

4000 r/min

Maximum centrifugal force (× g)

3520× g

3650× g

3780× g

Number of centrifugal tubes (branches)


96/100 pieces

120 pieces

Centrifugal tube Size (mm)

Φ 13× 75/100mm


AC variable frequency motor

Speed control accuracy (rpm)

± 10r/min

Compressor unit

France Taikang/Environmentally friendly refrigerant

Temperature range (℃)

-20℃ ~ +40℃

Temperature control accuracy (℃)

± 1℃

Timing range


Display mode

7 inch LCD touch screen

Power Supply

AC220V 50HZ 10A

Motor/machine power (W)

1 kw / 1.5 & have spent KW

1 KW/1.5KW

1.5 KW / 2 KW

Machine noise (dB)

≤ 60dB

Net weight (Kg)




Overall dimensions (L× D× H)

720× 600× 800mm


● Rotor parameters (optional 5mL/7mL adapter)



Maximum speed


Maximum centrifugal force

(× g)

Capacity (mL) Inch (mm)Inch (mm)


Uncapped horizontal rotor



4× 18× 2/5mL vacuum sampling vessel

Φ 13× 75/100


Horizontal rotor (automatic cap removal)



4× 25× 2/5mL vacuum sampling vessel

Φ 13× 75/100


Horizontal rotor (automatic cap removal)



4× 30× 2/5mL vacuum sampling vessel

Φ 13× 75/100

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