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AT4000—Axle-coupled dynamometer vehicle test system

Case Presentation

  AT4000—Axle-coupled dynamometer vehicle test system—product background


  The axle-coupled dynamometer vehicle test system is used for vehicle dynamic performance and automatic driving system performance test. This system verifies the vehicle performance and automatic driving power test, further expands the test range of traditional dynamometers, and conducts more abundant automatic driving tests of dynamic road conditions. The performance test of the autonomous driving road is completed in the laboratory, and the matching situation of the power system and the target vehicle model and the working situation on the actual road can be estimated in advance.


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  ●Mechanical manufacturing system according to GB9061-85

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  AT4000—Axle-coupled dynamometer vehicle test system—topological structure

  AT4000—The dynamometer system of integrated simulation vehicle model adopts modular and integrated design. The operating part is ergonomically designed and can complete manual/automatic mode control. It consists of three parts: mechanical system, simulation support system, electrical system, dynamometer operating software, and simulation vehicle model software system.

  ●Mechanical system: mobile dynamometer and other equipment.

  ●Simulation guarantee system: the composition of equipment such as fan cooling system.

  ●Electrical system: load control, sensor (torque, speed, current, voltage, vibration, temperature) real-time data acquisition system, data acquisition, current sensor acquisition, electrical parameter measurement equipment, alarm system and other equipment components.

  ● Dynamometer operating software system: The upper computer test software is divided into data acquisition communication module, data acquisition setting module, data real-time exchange control module, and data processing module according to the system. The upper computer completes the functions of test control, data analysis and display, data recording and export according to the test items.

  ●Simulated vehicle model: engine module, motor module, battery module, transmission module, clutch module, final drive module, vehicle longitudinal dynamics module, driver module, road and environment module, virtual controller module (engine controller ECU, Transmission controller (TCU, motor controller MCU) based on this simulation package, users can build a variety of electric drives, including typical structures such as pure electric, parallel hybrid, series hybrid, and hybrid hybrid.

  AT4000—Axle-coupled dynamometer vehicle test system—system function

  Basic range and accuracy:

  Based on the new energy motor test system, new energy electric drive assembly test system, oil-electric hybrid test system and other bench parameters.

  1 Test items:

  Based on the vehicle power performance test project.

  Test items based on various road conditions of automatic driving.

  1 AT4000—Axle-coupled dynamometer vehicle test system—Main features

  01 Functional modularity

  All the benches are built using functional modularity, and are combined into one test system in the form of a combination of modules. Customers can add or remove test modules according to different test objects.

  02 Advanced measurement methods

  Adopting advanced real-time measurement and control system, including input electrical parameter test, speed and torque test, etc., the torque and speed sampling rate is up to 1000Hz, which meets the high precision and fast response requirements of the test system, and provides transient data and characteristic value data, which is convenient for the software to test Comprehensive analysis of process data.

  03 Complete test items

  According to the test requirements specified in the national standard, test items can be added or removed according to the configuration module, which can meet the test items for various types of tests

  04 Motor load

  Using asynchronous motor as the load of the motor under test, changing the traditional load mode, improving the dynamic measurement range and accuracy of the torque and speed of the system, improving the loading performance (forward/reverse, reverse drag), and shortening the response time of loading. The loading of any load curve highly simulates the real-time operating conditions of the motor/drive.

  05Environmental simulation equipment

  The variable wind speed fan is used to simulate the wind resistance of the whole vehicle and the working conditions of front air intake and heat dissipation.

  06Humanized design

  The dynamometer adopts professional tooling and docking, and is convenient for loading and unloading and adjustment of coaxiality. It can be adapted to the installation of any vehicle type. The system operation adopts the combination mode of vertical cabinet + multiple display screens.

  07 Customized testing software

  The test system test software and simulation model developed by the Sichuan Chengbang Software R&D team: The standard new energy vehicle simulation package is used for the modeling of new energy vehicles. The vehicle model is based on Matlab/Simulink, and the entire vehicle model runs in a real-time system. According to the requirements of the national standard, the software interface and process are classified into the test items to reduce repeated tests and greatly improve the work efficiency of the testers. And it has the functions of real-time curve drawing, transient value capture, trend curve drawing and analysis, multi-parameter combination display, qualified judgment, report export and so on.

  AT4000—Axle-coupled dynamometer vehicle test system—main application

  ●Autonomous driving test

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