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In 2013, won the national high-tech enterprise, with a breakthrough of 100 patents

In 2013, won the national high-tech enterprise, with a breakthrough of 100 patents

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Sichuan Chengbang 2021 expansion activities came to a perfect end

Unity, tension, seriousness, vivacity ---- In order to enhance team cohesion and promote corporate culture, Sichuan Chengbang organized in Qingcheng Mountain scenic spot with the theme of "unity and hard work, live up to youth".

Chengbang laboratory opened to the outside world

The company has built various test benches to undertake performance and durability testing services for various motors, powertrains, EV gearboxes, PHEV hybrids, and various reducers. Welcome to consult us! (Contact number: 028-85737373-888, address: No. 1588, Checheng West 5th Road, Longquanyi District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province)

Yang Wei, deputy head of Longquanyi District, Chengdu, went to Sichuan Chengbang to check on the resumption of work

On the afternoon of February 11, Yang Wei, deputy head of Longquanyi District, Chengdu, and his entourage came to Sichuan Chengbang Company to check the implementation of the work of reinstatement and epidemic prevention.

Sichuan Chengbang Measurement and Control Resumption and Production Resumption

The epidemic affected people. Maintaining normal economic and social order is an important guarantee for effectively responding to major epidemics. The resumption of production as soon as possible under the premise of ensuring safety is also an active contribution to the normal operation of society and the sustainable development of the national economy.

Sichuan Chengbang New Year's Congratulations in 2020

happy New Year everyone!At the beginning of the new year, Sichuan Chengbang sent everyone the best wishes for the new year! To all the company employees who have been concerned about and supporting Sichuan Chengbang and friends from all walks of life, to all the employees of the company who have devoted themselves to the hard work for the past year, extend the most sincere New Year greetings!

Invitation Letter for Auto Test and Quality Control (China) Expo 2019

Thank you for your support to Chengbang, our company will participate in the 2019 Automotive Testing and Quality Control (China) Expo held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall from 9.24 to 9.26.