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Djcs4000--Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor Test System


Case Presentation

DJCS4000--Three-phase asynchronous motor test system—Product background


The application requirements of three-phase asynchronous motors in various industries are becoming more and more extensive. Motor product development and factory inspection must ensure product performance and product quality. Therefore, it is particularly important to conduct rigorous testing and analysis of motor performance. This system performs type verification tests on the purpose of the motor test, test procedures and test calculation methods in accordance with the national standard GB/T 1032-2012 "Three-phase asynchronous motor test method" and with reference to other national standard requirements and various motor test standards.


  lGB/T 1032-2012 "Three-phase asynchronous motor test method"

  LGB-T 9651-2008 Single-phase asynchronous motor test method
  LGB 755-2000 Rotating motor rating and performance
  LGB-T 16439-2009 Performance test part of general technical conditions for AC servo system
  LGBT 7345-2008 Basic technical requirements of control motor
  L JB-T 10274-2001 CNC machine tool AC servo motor General technical conditions
  LGB/T 50054-95 "Code for Design of Low Voltage Distribution"
  LGB/T 50055-93 "Code for design of distribution of general electrical equipment"
  L machinery manufacturing system according to GB9061-85 acceptance

DJCS4000-three-phase asynchronous motor test system-topological structure


DJCS400DJCS4000--The three-phase asynchronous motor test system adopts a modular and integrated design. The operation part conforms to ergonomic design and can complete manual/automatic mode control. It is composed of mechanical system, electrical system and upper computer software system.

  1. Mechanical system: composed of cast iron platform, loading equipment, brackets, shaft connection parts, etc.
  2. Electrical system: drive power (voltage regulator, controller, etc.) loading control, sensors (torque speed, current, voltage, vibration, temperature) real-time data collection equipment, data collection, current sensor collection, electrical parameter measurement equipment, Alarm system and other equipment.
  3. Software system: upper computer test software data acquisition communication module, data acquisition setting module, real-time data exchange control module, data processing module. The host computer completes the functions of test control, data analysis and display, data recording and export according to the test project.

DJCS4000--Three-phase asynchronous motor test system—System function

  Test range and accuracy:

  ● Power range: 100W~3MW power level, support other power level customization;

  ● Test voltage level: 0~3300V, three-phase/single-phase;

  ● Speed range: 0~20000rpm;
  ● Voltage/current measurement accuracy: 0.01% of reading + 0.03% of range
  ● Measurement accuracy of basic electric power: 0.03%
  ● Speed measurement accuracy: 0.01%F.S;
  ● Torque measurement accuracy: 0.05% F.S.

  Pilot projects:

  Insulation resistance test, no-load test, locked-rotation test, temperature rise test, load test (efficiency, power factor, and slip measurement), maximum torque test setting, short-term overload torque measurement, overspeed test, etc.

DJCS4000-three-phase asynchronous motor test system-main features

  01 Functional Modular
  Function modularization is adopted for all the platform construction, and the combination of modules is concentrated in a test system. Customers can add or subtract test modules according to the different test objects.
  02 Advanced measurement methods
Adopt advanced real-time measurement and control system, including input electrical parameter test, speed and torque test, etc. The torque and speed sampling rate is up to 1000Hz, which meets the high precision and fast response requirements of the test system, and provides transient data and eigenvalue data to facilitate the later test of the software Comprehensive analysis of process data.
  03 Complete test items
  According to the test requirements of the national standard, the test items can be increased or decreased according to the configuration module, which can meet the test items for various types of tests
  04 Motor load
The servo motor is used as the load of the tested motor, which changes the traditional way of using the dynamometer as the load, improves the dynamic measurement range and accuracy of the system's torque and speed, improves the loading performance (forward/reverse, reverse drag), and shortens the loading The response time can realize the loading of any load curve and highly simulate the real-time operating conditions of the motor/driver.
  05 Humanized design
A professional motor test bench is used. The fixture has three-dimensional adjustment function, and it is convenient for loading and unloading and coaxiality adjustment. It can adapt to the installation of the tested motor of any shape. The system operation adopts the piano desktop control mode, which can complete all test operations in a single position. layout.
  06 Customized test software
  The motor test system test software developed by Sichuan Chengbang Software R&D team classifies the software interface and process according to the test items required by the national standard to reduce repetitive tests and greatly improve the work efficiency of test personnel. And with real-time curve drawing, transient value capture, trend curve drawing and analysis, multi-parameter combination display, qualified judgment, report export and other functions.

DJCS4000--Three-phase asynchronous motor test system—main application

  1. Industrial three-phase asynchronous motor

  2. Ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor

  3. Military special three-phase asynchronous motor

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