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RT4000—Servo Test System

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RT4000—Servo Test System—Product Background
The steering gear is a position (angle) servo driver, which is suitable for those control systems that require constant angle changes and can be maintained. It has been widely used in robot drive systems. This test bed is used in the electrical performance, mechanical performance and position accuracy test system of the steering gear to comprehensively and accurately evaluate the performance of the steering gear. It is widely used in the development and verification test and delivery of various types of steering gear. test.
Bench picture
●GB/T 16439-2009 "General Technical Requirements for AC Servo System"
●GB/T 30549-2014 "AC Permanent Magnet Servo Motor General Technical Conditions"
●JB/T 11991-2014 "AC Servo Motor for Digital Control System of Industrial Machinery"
●GB 755-2008 "Rating and Performance of Rotating Electrical Machines"
●GB/T 7345-2008 "Basic Technical Requirements for Controlled Motors"
●GB/T 12350-2009 "Safety Requirements for Small Power Motors"
●GB/T 14817-2008 "General Technical Requirements for Permanent Magnet DC Servo Motors"
●JB/T 10184-2014 "General Technical Requirements for AC Servo Drives"
●Mechanical manufacturing system according to GB9061-85
●The electrical system is in accordance with GB5226-8
RT4000—Servo Test System—Topological Structure
Topological structure diagram
The RT4000-steering gear test system adopts a modular and integrated design. The operating part is ergonomically designed and can complete manual/automatic mode control. It is mainly composed of three parts: mechanical system, electrical system and host computer software system.
Mechanical system: mechanical platform, electric dynamometer, clamping system, shaft connection part and other equipment.
Electrical system: drive controller, dynamometer controller, sensor (torque, speed, voltage, current, temperature) data acquisition system, alarm system and other equipment.
Software system: The upper computer test software is divided into data acquisition communication module, data acquisition setting module, data real-time exchange control module, and data processing module according to the system. The upper computer completes the functions of test control, data analysis and display, data recording and export according to the test items.
RT4000—Servo Test System—System Function
Basic range and accuracy:
● Recommended measuring range of output speed: 0~200r/min;
● Recommended measuring range of output torque: 0~200N.m;
● Speed ​​measurement accuracy: ±1r/min;
● Torque measurement accuracy: ±0.2%F.S;
● Voltage/current measurement accuracy: ±0.01% of reading + ±0.03% of range;
● Electric basic power measurement accuracy: ±0.03%;
● Angle range: ±360°±0.0005°
The above measurement accuracy can be configured and selected according to actual needs.
Pilot projects:
●No-load test of the steering gear (voltage, current, speed, power consumption, back EMF, etc.);
●Rated load test of steering gear;
●Accuracy test of the steering gear (moving to a specified angle, repeating positioning accuracy);
●Servo position test (position following curve, position step response);
●Response time test of steering gear torque change;
●The efficiency curve test of the steering gear controller (map chart and complete 5-axis performance curve chart);
●Efficiency curve test of motor and reducer (map diagram and complete 5-axis performance curve diagram);
●Servo efficiency curve test (map chart and complete 5-axis performance curve chart)
RT4000—Servo Test System—Main Features
01 Functional modularity
The bench adopts an integrated design, and the internal modular component combination is convenient for bench combination and maintenance.
02 Advanced measurement methods
Adopting advanced real-time measurement and control system, including input electrical parameter test, speed and torque test, etc., the torque and speed sampling rate is up to 1000Hz, which meets the high precision and fast response requirements of the test system, and provides transient data and characteristic value data, which is convenient for the software to test later Comprehensive analysis of process data.
03 Complete test items
According to the test requirements stipulated by the national standard, test items can be added or removed according to the configuration module, which can meet various types of verification test items
04 Motor load
Using asynchronous motor/permanent magnet motor as the test motor load, changing the traditional load mode, improving the system's dynamic measurement range and accuracy of torque and speed, improving the loading performance (forward/reverse, reverse drag), and shortening the load response Time, can realize the loading of any load curve, highly simulating the real-time operating conditions of the motor/drive.
05Humanized design
Adopting a professional bench design, the fixture has a quick docking function, and it is convenient to install and unload, which can be adapted to the installation of different test pieces.
06 Customized testing software
The test system test software developed by Sichuan Chengbang Software R&D team is designed according to the test process, and the software interface and control process are classified, reducing repeated tests and greatly improving the work efficiency of testers. The test data can be consulted and modified; and it has the functions of real-time curve drawing, transient value capture, trend curve drawing and analysis, multi-parameter combination display, qualified judgment, report export and other functions.
RT4000—Servo Test System—Main Application
●Robot and other field steering gear
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