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NT4000 - Mining shearer/scraper test system

It is suitable for the performance test of shearer and scraper. The test rig needs to simulate the three-dimensional movement mode of shearer and scraper and make coal wall to simulate the working cutting force of shearer's tool head. This system mainly completes the factory test, endurance test and development test of shearer.
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NT4000 - Mining shearer/scraper test system - Product background


It is suitable for the performance test of shearer and scraper. The test rig needs to simulate the three-dimensional movement mode of shearer and scraper and make coal wall to simulate the working cutting force of shearer's tool head. This system mainly completes the factory test, endurance test and development test of shearer.

Bench pictures

Reference standards:

L MTT81-1998 Coal Shearer Standard Type Test Specification

L MTT82-1998 Coal Shearer Factory Test Specification

L MT-T1097-2008 Technical Specification for Overhaul of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment in Coal Mine

Technical Conditions for Y Series High-Voltage Three-phase Asynchronous Motors

L GB/T1993 Cooling Methods for Rotary Motors

L Gb755-2000 Basic Technical Requirements for Rotary Motors

NT4000 -- Mining shearer/scraper test system -- Topological structure

Topology diagram

NT4000 -- Mine shears/scraper test system adopts modular and integrated design, the operation part conforms to ergonomic design, and can complete manual/automatic mode control. It is mainly composed of mechanical system, electrical system and upper computer software system.

Mechanical system: mechanical platform, driving system, electric dynamometer, clamping system, shafting connection part and other equipment.

L Electrical system: dynamometer load controller, sensor (torque, speed, current, voltage, vibration, temperature) real-time data acquisition system, data acquisition, current sensor acquisition, electrical parameter measurement equipment, alarm system and other equipment composition.

L Software system: Upper computer test software is divided into data acquisition and communication module, data acquisition and setting module, data real-time exchange and control module, and data processing module according to the system. By the upper computer according to the test project to complete the test control, data analysis and display, data record and export and other functions.

NT4000 -- Mining shearer/scraper test system -- System function

Basic range and accuracy:

● Recommended power range: 0~2000KW power level, supporting other customization of power, speed, torque level;

● Recommended measuring range of output speed: 0~3300r/min;

● Recommended output torque measurement range: 0~150000N.m; Supports other customization of its torque levels;

● Voltage/current measurement accuracy: ±0.01% of reading + ±0.03% of measuring range;

● Electric basic power measurement accuracy: ±0.03%;

● Speed measurement accuracy: ±1r/min;

● Torque measurement accuracy: ±0.2%F.S;

The above measurement accuracy can be configured and selected according to the actual demand.

Experimental items:

Traction division test item

L No load running test of traction part

L Heat balance test for traction part

L Traction characteristic test of walking part

Test item of cutting department

L Light load running-in test

L Temperature rise test of rocker arm cutting (clamping infrared temperature measurement)

The whole machine test

L No-load running and closing test

L Operating system test

L Noise measurement test for empty operation

L Rocker arm raising system test

L Matching test between shearer and scraper conveyer

L Air cut walking test

NT4000 - Mining shearer/scraper test system - Main features

01 Functional Modularization

The whole design of the platform is adopted, and the modular component combination is adopted inside, which is convenient for the platform combination and maintenance.

02 Advanced means of measurement

Advanced real-time measurement and control system is adopted, including input electrical parameters test, rotational speed torque test, etc. The sampling rate of torque and rotational speed is up to 1000Hz, which meets the requirements of high precision and rapid response of the test system. Moreover, transient data and eigenvalue data are provided to facilitate the comprehensive analysis of test process data by software in the later stage.

The test items are complete

According to the test requirements stipulated by the national standard, the test items can be added or subtracted according to the configuration module, which can meet various type verification test items

04 System Design

It adopts advanced CAN fieldbus design, conforms to the international standard ISO11898(CAN), and has simplified network characteristics. Multiple test systems CAN be connected to the network, and the function expansion of the system does not need to be rewired, but CAN be connected to the bus module nearby. I/O channel can be expanded and adjusted at will to adapt to a variety of complex and changeable site. Digital calibration technology is adopted to make the calibration simple, fast, highly intelligent, rich in self-check, prompt, and parameter setting functions. Modular design simplifies the structure, improves reliability and maintainability.

05 Humanized design

Adopt professional bench design, fixture has quick docking function, and convenient loading and unloading can be adapted to different specimen installation.

Customized test software

The test system test software developed by Sichuan Chengbang software development team designs the software according to the test process, categorizes the software interface and control process, reduces the repetition of tests, and greatly improves the work efficiency of the test personnel. It also has the functions of real-time curve drawing, transient value capture, trend curve drawing and analysis, multi-parameter combination display, qualification determination, report export and so on.

NT4000 - Mining shearer/scraper test system - Main applications

L Mining shearer/scraper

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