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NJ series torque speed sensor
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NJ series torque speed sensor

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NJ series torque speed sensor-product background


NJ type torque speed sensor is used in conjunction with NC type torque measuring instrument. It is a precision measuring instrument for measuring the rotational torque, speed and mechanical power of various power machinery. The NJ torque speed sensor itself only transmits the measured torque and cannot absorb power (the power consumption inside the sensor is generally negligible), nor can it generate power. Therefore, when the machine under test is a prime mover (such as an electric motor, an internal combustion engine), in order to absorb the mechanical power generated by the machine under test, it must be connected to a certain load. The load can be electric dynamometer, eddy current dynamometer, hydraulic dynamometer, DC or AC generator, magnetic powder brake, etc. You can also choose other types of machinery as the load. When the tested machine is a load (such as generator, fan, water pump, gear box, hydraulic oil pump), it should be connected to a certain prime mover.

Mechanical structure diagram of NJ torque speed sensor


Torque measurement accuracy: divided into 0.1 grade and 0.2 grade.
(1) Static calibration-when the weight is directly used to generate standard torque calibration, the measurement error of 0.1 level is not greater than the rated value
±0.1%; Class 0.2 is not more than ±0.2% of the rated value.
(2) Additional error of speed change-when changing within the specified speed range, the torque reading does not change more than ±0.1% of the rated torque (the national standard is ±0.2%).
(3) The specifications of NJ type torque speed sensor series are shown in the following table:


Note: 1) When the speed is lower than 600 rpm, in order to ensure the accuracy of torque measurement, the small motor on the top of the sensor must be started and the direction of rotation of the motor is opposite to that of the elastic shaft.
2) NJL type torque and speed sensor can be installed vertically and can bear a certain axial force, such as the weight of the sensor.
3) Torque measurement overload capacity:
a) When the overload is not more than 120% of the rated torque, the torque measurement accuracy can still be guaranteed.
b) When the short-term impact load is not more than 300% of the rated torque, after the load disappears, the torque zero point reading changes not more than ±0.1%.

NJ series torque and speed sensor—physical photo

NJ series torque and speed sensor-main application

It is widely used in almost all machinery manufacturing departments, scientific research institutes, universities and colleges, such as motors, fans, water pumps, gears and gearboxes, railway locomotives, automobile tractors, airplanes, ships, mining machinery, hydraulic and pneumatic components.

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