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AT4000—Three-motor (EV gearbox) performance test system

Case Presentation

  AT4000—Three-motor (EV gearbox) performance test system—product background


  The three-motor (EV gearbox) application demand for passenger cars in the automobile industry is becoming more and more extensive. The product development and factory inspection of pure electric reducers (EV) must ensure the performance and product quality of the gearbox. Strict testing and analysis of its performance is particularly important. This system is based on the national standard QC/T 1022—2015 "Technical Conditions of Reducer Assembly for Pure Electric Passenger Vehicles" and with reference to other national standards and various assembly test standards. The test objectives and procedures for pure electric reducers (EV) And test method for type verification test.


Bench picture


  Reference standard:

  ●GB/T 18488.1-2015 Motors and Controllers for Electric Vehicles Part One Technical Conditions

  ●QC/T 1022—2015 Technical conditions of reducer assembly for pure electric passenger car

  ●QC/T 29063-1992 Technical requirements for automobile mechanical transmission assembly

  ●JASO C203 Automobile mechanical transmission performance test method

  ●JASO C204 endurance test method of automobile mechanical transmission

  ●GB 755-2008 Rotating motor rating and performance

  ●GB 50150 Electrical equipment installation engineering electrical equipment handover test standard

  ●GB/T 50055-93 Code for Power Distribution Design of General Electric Equipment

  ●Mechanical manufacturing system according to GB9061-85

  ●Electrical system according to GB5226-85

  AT4000—Three-motor (EV gearbox) performance test system—topological structure

  Topological structure diagram

  AT4000—Three-motor (EV gearbox) performance test system adopts modular and integrated design. The operating part is ergonomically designed and can complete manual/automatic mode control. It is composed of mechanical system, drive system, loading system, simulation guarantee system, electrical system and upper computer software system.

  ●Mechanical system: cast iron platform, drive connection device, load connection device, shaft connection part and other equipment.

  ●Drive system: high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor, high-speed torque and speed measuring device.

  ●Loading system: low-speed and high-torque load dynamometer, high-torque and speed measuring device.

  ●Simulation guarantee system: Environmental warehouse, temperature control system and other equipment components.

  ●Electrical system: drive load controller, real-time data acquisition system, data acquisition, alarm system and other equipment.

  ●Software system: The upper computer test software is divided into data acquisition communication module, data acquisition setting module, data real-time exchange control module, and data processing module. The upper computer completes the functions of test control, data analysis and display, data recording and export according to the test items.

  AT4000—Three-motor (EV gearbox) performance test system—system function

  Basic range and accuracy:

  ●Drive recommended power range: 0~300KW power level, support other customization of other power, speed and torque levels;

  ●Recommended output speed measurement range of drive: 0~20000r/min;

  ●The recommended output torque measurement range of the drive: 0~500N.m;

  ●Recommended load power range: 0~310KW power level, support other customization of other power, speed and torque levels;

  ●Recommended output speed measurement range of load: 0~3300r/min;

  ●Recommended output torque measurement range for load: 0~3000-3700N.m;

  ●Speed ​​measurement accuracy: ±1r/min;

  ●Torque measurement accuracy: ±0.05%F.S;

  Test items:

  Transmission high-speed burn test, differential endurance test, transmission assembly reliability test, transmission efficiency test, transmission high oil temperature test (the transmission NVH detection and analysis system can be added), etc.

  AT4000—Three-motor (EV gearbox) performance test system—Main features

  01 Functional modularity

  All the benches are built using functional modularity, and are combined into one test system in the form of a combination of modules. Customers can add or remove test modules according to different test objects.

  02 Advanced measurement methods

  Adopting advanced real-time measurement and control system, including input electrical parameter test, speed and torque test, etc., the torque and speed sampling rate is up to 1000Hz, which meets the high precision and fast response requirements of the test system, and provides transient data and characteristic value data, which is convenient for the software to test Comprehensive analysis of process data.

  03 Complete test items

  According to the test requirements specified in the national standard, test items can be added or removed according to the configuration module, which can meet the test items for various types of tests

  04Environmental simulation equipment

  Using compressor refrigeration and heating mode as the test piece environmental simulation equipment and temperature control system, the high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, low humidity environment of the test piece is simulated, which shortens the aging durability test time of the test piece, thereby increasing The entire R&D efficiency reduces the R&D cycle.

  05 High-speed drive

  Using a low inertia permanent magnet synchronous motor as the system drive input improves the dynamic response characteristics of the torque and speed of the system, provides the measurement range and accuracy, improves the drive performance (forward/reverse), shortens the load response time, and can achieve arbitrary The loading of the load curve highly simulates the real-time operating conditions of the electric drive assembly.

  06 Load Dynamometer

  The high-torque low-speed dynamometer is used as the system loading, and the high-precision torque and speed sensors are used according to the characteristics of the tested part to increase the data dynamic response rate. The system loading adopts the vector/DTC mode to achieve the required high-speed dynamic loading characteristics. , So as to highly simulate the real-time operating conditions of the gearbox output.

  07Humanized design

  Using a professional motor test bench, the fixture has a quick centering function, and is convenient for loading and unloading and adjustment of coaxiality. It can be adapted to the installation of the tested motor of any shape. The system operation adopts the piano table / cabinet + computer desk control mode, which can be completed Complete the layout of all test operations in a single location.

  08Customized testing software

  The test system test software developed by the Sichuan Chengbang Software R&D team, according to the requirements of the national standard, classifies the software interface and process, reduces repeated tests, and greatly improves the work efficiency of testers. And it has the functions of real-time curve drawing, transient value capture, trend curve drawing and analysis, multi-parameter combination display, qualified judgment, report export and so on.

  AT4000—Three-motor (EV gearbox) performance test system—main application

  ●Passenger car EV gearbox

  ●Logistic vehicle EV gearbox

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