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RT4000—Precision reducer (RV/harmonic/planetary) fatigue life test system

Case Presentation

  RT4000—Precision reducer (RV/harmonic/planetary) fatigue life test system—product background


  The load on the internal parts of the robot reducer is asymmetrical and periodically variable. By using inertia load components to simulate the robot arm, the fatigue life testing technology of the robot that simulates the actual working conditions is studied. According to the fatigue equivalent theory, based on the robot fatigue life test device, the basic method of accelerated fatigue life test is established, and the main factors affecting the fatigue life test time are analyzed. The results show that the moment of inertia affects the angular acceleration, and the angular acceleration affects the optimal swing angle and swing position, which in turn affects the test time. By optimizing the moment of inertia, angular acceleration, swing angle and swing position of the inertial load components, the test time of the accelerated fatigue life test is optimized, and theoretical support is provided for the reasonable design of the robot fatigue life test device. Precision reducers play a central role in the robot , Is a key component of the robot, has the advantages of strong carrying capacity, large transmission ratio, high motion accuracy, smooth transmission, etc. The research of reducer has made many progress, but domestic robot reducer is still limited by transmission accuracy and life problems. The key factor restricting the development of China's robot industry, fatigue life testing system testing is particularly important in product development to ensure product life testing. This system tests the fatigue life of the reducer according to the national standard GB/T 35089-2018 robot precision gear transmission test method and with reference to other national standards.


Bench picture


  Reference standard:

  ●GB/T 35089-2018 Test method of precision gear transmission for robots

  ●GB/T 37165-2018 precision cycloid reducer for robots

  ●GB/T 30819-2014 Harmonic gear reducer for robots

  ●GB/T 14118-1993 harmonic drive reducer

  ●GBT 11281-2009 General technical requirements for gear reducers for micro motors

  ●JB/T 5558-2015 Speed ​​reducing (increasing) test method

  ●Sample of foreign well-known reducer products

  RT4000—Precision reducer (RV/harmonic/planetary) fatigue life test system—topological structure


  RT4000—precision reducer (RV/harmonic/planetary) fatigue life test system adopts modular and integrated design, the operating part is ergonomically designed, and can complete manual/automatic mode control. It is composed of mechanical system, drive system, DUT system, load system, electrical system and host computer software system combined module mode.

  ●Mechanical system: mechanical platform, coupling, shaft connection, etc.

  ●Drive system: servo motor drive, torque speed sensor, etc.

  ●DUT system: DUT tooling, DUT coupling, adapter plate, etc.

  ●Load system: inertia load, etc.

  ●Electrical system: drive controller, control system and other equipment.

  ●Software system: host computer test software data acquisition communication module, data acquisition setting module, data real-time exchange control module, data processing module. The upper computer completes the functions of test control, data analysis and display, data recording and export according to the test items.

  RT4000—Precision reducer (RV/harmonic/planetary) fatigue life test system—system function

  Test range and accuracy:

  ●Load simulation, 500N.m, 2000N.m, 5000N.m can be customized according to actual design load spectrum

  Pilot projects:

  Test life conversion.

  1 RT4000—Precision reducer (RV/harmonic/planetary) fatigue life test system—Main features

  01 Functional modularity

  All the benches are built using functional modularity, and are combined into one test system in the form of modular combination.

  02 Advanced measurement methods

  Adopt advanced measurement and control system, including measuring input speed and torque test, sampling high sampling module.

  02 Drive/load mode

  The servo motor is used as the drive unit to improve the dynamic measurement range and accuracy of the torque and speed of the system. The load adopts the inertia load mode.

  05Humanized design

  Using a professional precision reducer test bench, the fixture adopts a quick centering system, and it is convenient for loading and unloading and coaxial adjustment, which can be adapted to different installations of the tested parts. The system operation adopts the piano table/stand-up cabinet + computer desk control mode. Complete the layout of all test operations in a single position.

  06 Customized testing software

  The test system test software developed by the Sichuan Chengbang Software R&D team, in accordance with the requirements of the national standard, can test the life conversion time of the reducer through acceleration and load spectrum operation, thus shortening the verification cycle of the entire equipment.

  RT4000—Precision reducer (RV/harmonic/planetary) fatigue life test system—main application

  ●Various RV/harmonic/planetary reducers

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