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RT4000—precision reducer (RV/harmonic/planetary) bending stiffness test system

Case Presentation

  RT4000—precision reducer (RV/harmonic/planetary) bending stiffness test system—product background


  The end face stiffness of the robot RV reducer relates to the carrying capacity and running stability of the industrial robot in the working state, and is an important mechanical performance parameter. According to the test requirements of the end face stiffness of the RV reducer, this system provides the measurement and calculation method for the end face stiffness of the RV reducer, and develops a response bending stiffness test bench. According to the national standard GB/T 35089-2018 robot precision gear transmission test method and refer to other national standards, the bending stiffness of the reducer is tested.


Bench picture


  Reference standard:

  ●GB/T 35089-2018 Test method of precision gear transmission for robots

  ●GB/T 37165-2018 precision cycloid reducer for robots

  ●GB/T 30819-2014 Harmonic gear reducer for robots

  ●GB/T 14118-1993 harmonic drive reducer

  ●GBT 11281-2009 General technical requirements for gear reducers for micro motors

  ●JB/T 5558-2015 Speed ​​reducing (increasing) test method

  ●Sample of foreign well-known reducer products

  RT4000—precision reducer (RV/harmonic/planetary) bending stiffness test system—topological structure


  The RT4000—precision reducer (RV/harmonic/planetary) bending stiffness test system adopts a modular and integrated design. The operating part is ergonomically designed and can complete the bending stiffness test. It is composed of mechanical system, loading system, measuring system and upper computer software system.

  ●Mechanical system: mechanical platform, connecting mechanism, etc.

  ●Loading system: axial load, radial load, etc.

  ●DUT system: DUT tooling, adapter plate, etc.

  ●Measurement system: loading force test, tilt angle test, etc.

  ●Software system: host computer test software data acquisition communication module, data acquisition setting module, data real-time exchange control module, data processing module. The upper computer completes the functions of test control, data analysis and display, data recording and export according to the test items.

  RT4000—precision reducer (RV/harmonic/planetary) bending stiffness test system—system function

  Test range and accuracy:

  ●Load thrust: 0-20000N (non-standard customized)

  ●Loading force test accuracy: ±0.1%F.S

  ●Inclination measurement accuracy: 0.001°

  Pilot projects:

  Static, axial, radial load, tilt angle test

  1 RT4000—precision reducer (RV/harmonic/planetary) bending stiffness test system—main features

  01 Functional modularity

  All the benches are built using functional modularity, and are combined into one test system in the form of modular combination.

  02 Advanced measurement methods

  Adopt advanced measurement and control system, including measurement of loading force, tilt angle test, etc.

  02 Load mode

  The servo electric cylinder loading mode is adopted to improve the loading force of the system and the dynamic measurement range and accuracy of the tilt angle test.

  05Humanized design

  Using a professional precision reducer test bench, the fixture adopts a quick centering system, and it is convenient for loading and unloading and coaxial adjustment, which can be adapted to different installations of the tested parts. The system operation adopts the piano table/stand-up cabinet + computer desk control mode. Complete the layout of all test operations in a single position.

  06 Customized testing software

  The test system test software developed by the Sichuan Chengbang Software R&D team can be used to calculate the bending stiffness through the software for the loading force, inclination and other data according to the national standard requirements.

  RT4000—precision reducer (RV/harmonic/planetary) bending stiffness test system—main application

  ●Various RV/harmonic/planetary reducers

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