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ET4100 measuring and controlling instrument

Case Presentation

ET4100 Measuring and Controlling Instrument—Product Background


Function and special ET4100 measuring and controlling instrument is an upgraded product of our company's ET2100 measuring and controlling instrument. It adopts a new hardware platform design, adds CAN communication control to the electric dynamometer, and is compatible with ABB/Siemens/VACON/CT and other inverters. Compared with the analog voltage or current signal control method, the operation is more flexible and simple, and the anti-interference ability is greatly enhanced.
The ET4100 measurement and control instrument contains two PID closed-loop control algorithms for drive and load, and can be used with a dynamometer to achieve constant torque, constant speed, and constant power mode control. This instrument brings together our company's many years of experience in the engine and motor testing industry, and incorporates the latest electronic testing technology. Internally integrated 32-bit ARM processor, 24-bit high-precision A/D acquisition circuit, incremental rotary encoder interface, imported photoelectric encoder knob, 8-inch color TFT screen, CAN communication, RS232 communication, alarm relay output circuit and other modules . The program algorithm integrates the double incremental PID algorithm supporting 7 control modes, Butterworth digital filter, equal precision frequency measurement algorithm, CANopen and ModBus communication protocol, etc.
The ET4100 measurement and control instrument is at the leading level in the industry in terms of hardware and software, and surpasses domestic counterparts in terms of human-computer interaction performance, closed-loop control effects and operational reliability.

Functions and features:

main feature
(1) The electric dynamometer adopts CANopen communication and supports mainstream inverters such as ABB and Siemens. The special keys for the electric dynamometer and the optimized control algorithm make the operation of the inverter intelligent and simple, and greatly enhance the anti-interference ability;
(2) Double PID closed-loop algorithm, support 7 control modes without disturbance switching, and complete the closed-loop control of drive and load two modes such as constant torque, constant speed, and constant power at the same time;
(3) High-speed 32-bit processor, high-precision 24-bit A/D acquisition and specially optimized acquisition control algorithm greatly improve the control performance, and the controlled parameters are stable and reliable;
(4) Imported Grayhill photoelectric encoder knobs, all-aluminum knob caps, color 8-inch TFT LCD screen, and graphical man-machine interface make man-machine interaction more intuitive and simple;
(5) Torque sensors compatible with voltage, bridge, frequency and phase difference signals at the same time, compatible with our company's strain-type, magnetoelectric and tension-compression torque sensors and third-party sensors such as HBM, Kistler, and Mestek;
(6) The control output supports CAN communication, RS232 communication, 0~5V or 0~10V voltage, and supports customized output methods;
(7) No potentiometer design, parameter calibration and adjustment are all digital.


1) Torque
Input range:
Voltage signal: -5V~5V;
Bridge input: 300Ω~1kΩ Wheatstone strain bridge;
Current input: 0~20mA;
Frequency signal: 1Hz~400kHz;
Phase difference signal: 60°~300°, 1Hz~100kHz;
Measurement accuracy: up to ±0.1%F.S
Control accuracy: ±0.2%F.S
(2) Speed
Input range: 3V~12V pulse, 1Hz~400kHz;
Measurement accuracy: related to sensor type and sampling period setting
Control accuracy: ±2r/min
(3) Control output (analog voltage)
Output range: 0~5V, 0~10V or any range within -0.1~10.1V
Voltage accuracy: ±0.001V
(4) Control output (CAN communication)
Output interface: CAN-Inverter
Embedded protocol: ABB and Siemens inverter CANopen protocol
Baud rate: 250kbps
Node number: 0x08
Operation mode: torque mode, speed mode

ET4100 measuring and controlling instrument—physical photo

ET4100 measurement and control instrument-main application

It is applied to test loading control of various engines and motors.

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