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ET4200-SF Throttle Driver

Case Presentation

ET4200-SF Throttle Driver—Product Background


ET4200-SF driver is a smart meter dedicated to driving our company’s throttle actuator ET4600-SF. The instrument inputs the control value through keyboard, 0-5V voltage, CAN communication, etc., detects the throttle position through the ET4600-SF internal potentiometer signal, and after the internal closed-loop control algorithm calculation, outputs the drive signal to the ET4600-SF internal DC motor to make it rotate. In order to achieve the purpose of adjusting the position of the throttle lever.

Functions and features:

main feature
(1) Built-in intelligent SCR rectifier module
(2) Support keyboard, 0-5V voltage and CAN communication input position setting
(3) 0-5V voltage range can be adjusted by keyboard setting parameters
(4) Digital calibration of current sensor and direct display of excitation current value on the main screen
(5) Digital adjustment of PID closed-loop control coefficients
(6) Remote/local undisturbed switching
(7) Color TFT liquid crystal display, keyboard operation, good human-computer interaction

ET4200-SF Throttle Driver—Physical Photo

ET4200-SF Throttle Driver—Main Application

Used in engine throttle drive control.

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