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ET4300-AI data acquisition module

Case Presentation

ET4300-AI Data Acquisition Module—Product Background


The T4300-AI data acquisition module contains 16 input channels, which are used for the acquisition of various analog signal parameters in the test system. The data is transmitted to other devices through the CAN or RS485 bus. Multiple modules can be connected to the same bus to expand the number of channels.
In the standard configuration of ET4300-AI, each channel can collect 4 types of analog signals: PT100 thermal resistance, K-type thermocouple, 0-10V voltage and 4-20mA current. Products compatible with other types of signals, such as PT1000, can also be customized according to customer requirements.
ET4300-AI communication node number, communication baud rate, acquisition channel attributes and other parameters can be set through CAN or RS485 bus communication.


1. Performance indicators
1.1 PT100 temperature measurement
Measuring range: -40~300℃
Measurement accuracy: ±0.2℃
1.2 K-couple temperature measurement
Measuring range: 0~1200℃
Measurement accuracy: ±1℃
1.3 0-10V voltage measurement
Measuring range: 0~10V
Measurement accuracy: ±0.01V
1.4 4-20mA current measurement
Measuring range: 4~20mA
Measurement accuracy: ±0.01mA

ET4300-AI data acquisition module—physical photos

ET4300-AI data acquisition module-main application

It is used to collect data such as engine and motor test temperature, pressure, flow, etc.

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