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ET4500-ST flow type transient fuel consumption meter

Case Presentation

ET4500-ST Flow Type Transient Fuel Consumption Meter—Product Background


The fuel consumption meter is one of the most important equipment in the engine bench test, which is mainly used to measure the fuel consumption per unit time of the engine. Taking into account the characteristics of the unstable transient conditions of internal combustion engines, if it is necessary to predict the emission performance of the transient conditions, it is necessary to know how the fuel and air mixture ratio changes, so it is essential to measure the transient fuel consumption rate.
ET4500-ST flow type transient fuel consumption meter adopts unique principle and structure and is designed according to the working conditions of internal combustion engine. It is especially suitable for measuring fuel consumption of EFI gasoline engine and EFI diesel engine. The fuel consumption meter adopts integrated design technology, and the fuel consumption measurement and display instrument are integrated, which can independently complete the measurement of engine fuel consumption.
Compared with other products in the industry, ET4500-ST adopts new hardware technology and measurement algorithms, and has the characteristics of higher measurement accuracy, higher stability and ease of use.
ET4500-ST adopts 4.3-inch TFT color LCD display, and the graphical display interface is intuitive and easy to understand. At the same time, it has CAN bus and RS232 bus communication, and the interface and networking are relatively free and convenient.
① Measure the transient fuel consumption, accumulated fuel consumption, and fuel temperature of the engine fuel at the same time, and connect to the ET4000 system to display the fuel consumption and fuel consumption rate of the engine;
② Multi-parameter display (transient fuel consumption, cumulative fuel consumption, fuel temperature, status);
③ The use of advanced CANBUS fieldbus technology makes it possible for multiple test instruments to be networked; CAN communication bit rate can be
Online setting;
④ The transient measurement of fuel consumption can be automatically started according to the size of the set internal combustion engine operating conditions;
⑤ Adopting advanced digital calibration technology, two calibration modes can calibrate the mass flow of the meter and determine the correction coefficient of the meter; there is a calibration password, which cannot be modified without authorization to ensure the accuracy of the parameters;
⑥ Fully sealed, leak-proof design and electrical and oil circuit isolation design to enhance the safety of use;


Flow and fuel consumption meter model


Specification (recommended measurement range)(840kg/m³)



System measurement accuracy

0.12 %

Density measurement uncertainty

≤ 0.0005 g/cm3

The fluid medium

Diesel oil, gasoline

Instrument power supply

AC220V±11V  50HZ



Working environment temperature and humidity


Inlet pressure (i.e. source pressure)


Oil production pressure (i.e. external supply pressure of fuel consumption meter)

100~300 kpa

Instrument size(longxwidexhigh)

750X220X650 mm

ET4500-ST flow type transient fuel consumption meter—physical photo

ET4500-ST flow type transient fuel consumption meter-main application

Used in fuel consumption test of various power engines

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