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ET4700 oil return processor

Case Presentation

ET4700 Oil Return Processor—Product Background


The fuel consumption and speed of an internal combustion engine are two important indicators for evaluating engine economy, as well as two criteria for correct adjustment of the engine. Therefore, in the process of engine test and product development, a measurement that can accurately and quickly measure engine fuel consumption speed is needed.

The ET4700 oil return processor is the latest upgrade and researched and developed weighing fuel consumption meter product of Chengbang Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. It is mainly used to measure the fuel consumption of various gasoline engines, diesel engines, and electronic injection engines.

Compared with other products in the industry, ET4500 adopts new hardware technology and measurement algorithms, and has the characteristics of higher measurement accuracy, higher stability and convenient use. The weighing measurement uses a 24-bit high-precision A/D conversion chip, a specially designed regulated DC excitation circuit and a hardware filter design to ensure that the measurement signal accurately reflects the changes in fuel quality. Long-term experimental testing and carefully optimized loop measurement algorithm and digital filter algorithm ensure accurate measurement while enhancing the convenience of use.

ET4500 adopts 4.3-inch TFT color LCD display, and the graphical display interface is intuitive and easy to understand. At the same time, it has CAN bus and RS232 bus communication, and the interface and networking are relatively free and convenient.


① The 24-bit A/D conversion accuracy and the special designed regulated DC excitation ensure high stability and high precision;

② The measurement time, the number of filtering points, and the allowable jitter range can be set freely to adapt to a wider range of situations;

③ 4.3-inch TFT color LCD display, graphical display interface, 4 light touch buttons to complete all operations, intuitive and convenient man-machine interaction;

④ It has CAN and RS232 bus communication at the same time, and is compatible with ET2500 protocol, making the network more convenient;

⑤ Equipped with weights for digital calculation and calibration, simple operation;

⑥ It automatically enters the cycle measurement, and has the operation status indicator, only needs to select and record the fuel consumption according to the status;

⑦ The dedicated RS232 interface communicates with the ET4700 EFI oil return processor and is compatible with ET2700 communication;

⑧ Fully sealed oil cup and electrical and oil circuit isolation design to enhance the safety of use



ET4700(gasoline/Diesel version)

specifications(Applicable power (dynamometer))



Instrument power supply


External cooling water requirements

The water supply:200~450Kpa,≥500 KpaWhen, need to add pressure relief valve

Cooling water pressure






Pressure drop under nominal flow(Dp)



External cooling medium

Clean soft water(The content of calcium oxide in each liter of water is less than80mg)

Internal technical conditions


Cooling medium


The oil pressure


The oil pressure(Gasoline version)

100-500kPaadjustable(Need for outsideDC12V/15AThe power supply)

The oil pressure(Diesel version)

Oil level pressure

Oil processing

Automatic exhaust

Internal loop connection


Engine fuel inlet



Engine oil outlet



External cooling water loop connection


Cooling water intake



Cooling water outlet



Overall dimensions(deepXwideXhigh)



ET4700 oil return processor—physical photo


ET4700 Oil Return Processor—Main Application

Used in fuel consumption test of various power engines.

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