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Dwl Vertical Eddy Current Dynamometer


Case Presentation

The superior low-speed loading capability basically provides rated loading torque from zero speed. High-speed torque response speed (ms level) The torque response speed of the dynamometer can be up to ms level, which can be applied in occasions with special requirements. The dynamometer that provides anti-drag capability can be used as a motor to provide anti-drag force. Good reliability and long service life. Mature and reliable technology is adopted. Products of famous brands at home and abroad are selected to minimize the probability of product failure and extend the service life of the product. Various protection functions provide various protection functions such as phase loss, overvoltage, overcurrent, overspeed, etc., to protect the dynamometer and the tested product in case of failure. With good maintainability, users can perform routine maintenance (also when replacing the host and sensor), reducing maintenance costs. The basic construction is simple and the cost is low. You only need to provide the installation platform of the dynamometer. There is no need to provide additional dynamometer cooling pools and pipes.