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ET4600-SF Throttle Servo Actuator
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ET4600-SF Throttle Servo Actuator

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ET4600-SF Throttle Servo Actuator—Product Background


ET4600-SF throttle actuator is integrated with Fuji/ABB servo motor and transmission device as the execution part of its system. It uses the upper control module of single-chip microcomputer developed by Sichuan Chengbang to process relevant control instructions. The upper control module of single-chip microcomputer and the system adopt high-speed synchronous serial The line port communicates to perform real-time related control tasks of the engine control system on the throttle position.
The servo motor uses an 18-bit absolute encoder as the feedback signal of the current position of the servo motor. Since the system adopts an absolute encoder, the servo throttle actuator can accurately complete the task of resetting to zero after power-on and power-off. The servo throttle actuator combined with the UPS power supply configured in the engine test system can complete the task of returning the servo throttle actuator to zero in the event of a mains power failure.
The RS485 bus communication is used between the Fuji servo amplifier and the upper control module of the single-chip microcomputer to complete the positioning requirements of the engine control system for the servo throttle. The upper control module has 2 electronic throttle signal outputs. The standard output is set to 0-5V voltage signal (the output voltage signal range can be configured through the servo throttle parameter setting software, but the range generally does not exceed 0-5V)

Technical index:

Moving stroke: 110mm
 Tension: 100N
 Moving speed: the maximum is 1.5m/s
 Position repeat accuracy: ≤±0.2%F.S
 Working mode: continuous work
 Working environment: ambient temperature -10~45℃
 Dimension: length X width X height-550X280X530 (mm)

ET4600-SF Throttle Servo Actuator—Physical Photo

ET4600-SF Throttle Servo Actuator—Main Application

Used in engine throttle control.

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